Show Me Model Railroad Company


After nearly twenty years, we're retiring from the

custom car printing business.   With Athearn's decision to no longer supply

"blue box" kits, and rising costs for printing ink and plates, to say nothing of the age

of the printer, we've decided to put the press away and devote all of our

time and resources to our full service model railroad store.


On a personal note, I have had so much fun creating the designs for the cars,

and derived great satisfaction from seeing them finished.  But perhaps the best

part of the business has been making so many new friends.

I may only get to talk with you on the phone, but I feel like we've known each other

for years, and I'll surely miss hearing from you.


But we don't have to say, "Good Bye."


Show Me Model Railroad Company is a full service shop, stocking a broad

selection of HO and N Scale trains and supplies.  We can say, without boasting, that

our stock rivals most any train shop you've seen.  We have been shipping

our products all over the country for years, and we would be pleased to

help supply your needs with those items your local shop doesn't carry.

Give us a call.


Call 800-826-6961 to order.


Page updated 02/20/13